Chart Chooser

by Dr. Andrew Abela

This image/PDF has been floating around the internet for several years. It serves as a great starting point anytime you need to create a visualization for any type of data project

Financial Times Visual Vocabulary: Power BI Edition

by Jason Thomas (SQLJason)

This is, perhaps, the nerdiest Power BI report ever! I particularly like the interactivity. This is also helpful if you’re working on a Power BI project because the charts are presented as you will see them when working in Power BI. SQLJason has also written a blog post here that further explains the inspiration for this project.

Power BI Visuals Reference


I really like this chart for folks who are new to data visualization working in Power BI. Although the chart really only applies to Power BI, I like that it includes the out of the box visuals as well as many of the custom visuals available.

One Chart at a Time

by Jon Schwabish (PolicyViz)

Great video series with over 50 data viz practitioners and experts taking 5-15 minute deep dives into several chart types. I learned a lot by watching these! If you’re interested in expanding your data viz knowledge then these are certainly worth watching.